Christmas news from Scrivener and Aeon Timeline

christmas ornamentNo sooner have I asked for something for Christmas (Dear Santa…) than a response appears. In this case I was musing over the long-awaited Scrivener for iOS when Literature and Latte provides an update. Coincidence, morphic resonance or just that time of year when all suppliers want to remind you they exist? You decide…

Literature and Latte updates

The salient part of the newsletter for anyone with iOS is:

We now expect to be entering private beta-testing early in the new year. Internal beta-testing will take a couple of months at the very least given that we have to be sure that syncing is working well and isn’t going to lose anyone’s work before unleashing it on the world, so it will be a little while yet before we start showing screenshots and talking about the release date – but it is coming

There is a also a winter promotional offer on various products (shared with Aeon Timeline).

News also for PC users – version is released. You need to check manually for the update, which installed smoothly without problems on my setup.

Aeon Timeline

Aeon Timeline (ie Scribblecode) are working on a version 2.0 as well as taking part in the same Winterfest promotion as the writers of Scrivener. The don’t talk about a release date for version 2, but the feature set looks like:

  • Event Dependency
  • Non-date based timelines (eg. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, or numeric timelines)
  • Customisable templates for different user groups
  • Nested events
  • Customisable display to show more information on the timeline itself.

Just under this list is the tantalising:

In the process, we have rewritten the software from the ground up with cross-platform delivery in mind, which will give us a great codebase to push towards future platforms like iOS, Windows tablets and the web once the Desktop version is finished

How is 2015 shaping up?

My guess is:

  • Easter 2015 — Scrivener iOS in public test, Aeon Timeline 2.0 in public test
  • May 2015 — Aeon Timeline 2.0
  • June 2015 — Scrivener for iOS (followed by several updates!)
  • September 2015 — Aeon Timeline for iOS in public test

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