Resources: the near future

Now and NextI’d like to share a great site I found, full of ideas for science fiction writers. Now, I know many writers create whole, alien worlds without much help but there are others who like to write stories set in the near future of our own world. Perhaps they take a single idea and show how it might impact humanity going forward. If this is your kind of story then have a look at What’s Next?As an example I wrote a short story about the impact of 3D printing in the battlefield (any publishers interested, let me know) and there are millions of other potential tales set just a day or two after tomorrow.

The site is full of research into how the future might turn out — some of it may be a little behind the curve but do look at the wonderful (and free to use) wall chart Trends and Technology Timeline 2010+.

Do let me know how you get on, and please let me know of any other similar such resources.


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