Farewell 2014

2014It’s time for the annual review, a tradition going back to at least 2013 (And that was 2013!). I set out some broad goals back in January (see Targets for 2014) and looked at progress in June (see June 2014, another stock take).

In summary (but see the detail) a mixed bag with more focus on fiction than I had expected this time last year. I am also much cleared on the direction I will be taking in 2015.

The results

The following table is from the June stocktake (thought re-arranged with extra columns):

What Target Actual Notes Smiles
Events  2 1  Loncon3 was good for networking and also helped me focus on a direction for 2015 2 smiles
eBooks 6 4 I published three fiction titles (Golden Daemon, Oxford Occultist, Three Drops in Time) and one non-fiction (Opening the Creativity Diamond) 3 smiles
New publications 4 1 I produced a couple of reviews for Cultbox  Small smiley
Articles  4 0 No new articles in new titles (though several in Starburst)
Competitions 6 3 Only entered in the first half of the year  Small smiley
Short Stories 10 8 Mostly in my self-published / competition pieces  2 smiles
Final Draft 1  0 Have edited 3/4 of The Third Door
NaNoWriMo 60k 60k I have most of the first draft of Jezero Station  3 smiles

And let us not forget Starburst:

Target Progress Smileys
Published in magazine  6  11  3 smiles
Published on website  50  94  3 smiles


Clearly I set too many targets, smashed some and didn’t make others. Overall I am pleased and you can see where I changed tack mid-year, focussing on fewer things. I also learned that being a self-published indie author needs a lot more effort than I imagined to promote your work. There are things I need to do better but it could be a lot worse.

How was 2014 for you? Let me know!


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