2015 targets unveiled

2015Having looked back at 2014, now is the time to look forward to 2015. Again I will set some targets to review at mid-year and at year’s end. Following my STAMP approach I will make these as specific as possible.

What I will do differently this year is give more of the flavour of why for some of these targets, rather than dwell on the targets themselves (the what). The targets are also more aligned to my brand (more on that in another post) — suffice it to say that in 2013 I focussed on getting articles published (non-fiction), in 2014 I focussed on fiction and in 2015 I want to play to my strengths in both areas.

Specific targets

I take a different format this time: what, when, why:

What When Why
Finish and publish The Marylebone Magician before promoting at Eastercon Before Easter I have fans of Jon Seyton who wish to read more than I gave them in The Oxford Occultist. I want to launch this before I attend Eastercon 2015 and promote it there at Easter Weekend
Finish and edit Jezero Station Before summer My date for summer is the solstice so this will be early June. This isn’t so I can promote it at Stonehenge (!) but to allow me to look for a publisher over the summer then self-publish on kindle before the end of year else
Produce a short guide to MBTI Before summer I have included some Myers Briggs theory in Opening the Creativity Diamond. I want to use the concepts on some other pieces so will produce a stand-alone section I can append to future books. I may even give this away
Produce another trilogy Before autumn  I used the solstice above, this will be out before the autumnal equinox. I have a concept in mind but don’t want to give anything away
Don’t do NaNoWriMo Not this year At present (may change) I want to use November for a focussed 50k on something but it may be short stories or non-fiction. I may have a blog blitz or try and guest post a lot. More to be revealed later in the year

I am not setting KPIs for Starburst work this year — as  lead writer this is part of my brand and will be something I devote effort to continually. I will still track.

And there’s my million words before the end of 2020 to consider!

Stretch Targets

There are some other strong ideas I have that I will keep slightly off-stage. These include:

  • A non-fiction piece with a specific market in mind
  • A piece of fiction for which I have a title in mind and nothing else
  • A project to produce something for 2016 to be published in January (if at all)

As ever I will keep you posted!

What are your goals? I’d like to hear, get in touch!.


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