Writers’ workshop notes

Simon Guerriers Writers WorkshopAs part of Big Finish Day 6, Simon Guerrier (blog Nothing Tra La La?) held a writers’ workshop. He was aided by his glamarous assistant, writer and actor John Dorney and supported by fellow Big Finish writers Andrew Smith, Matt Fitton, Nigel Fairs and Phil Mulryne. In a small hotel room around forty of us gathered in the space of an hour went from a blank sheet to an outline for a two discs audio drama. Not bad!

Simon also gave some tips based on experience, summarised below.

Be reliable

Simon used to commission freelancers; his experience of their being late, not following a brief and delivering the wrong length article soon convinced him he could do better. The simple rules are:

  • Follow the brief – write on the topic requested
  • Follow the brief – write the number of words requested
  • Follow the brief – deliver the piece on time.

Not hard, is it?!

How to end a scene

A random conversation on scene-ending came up, something people suffer from. The advice was to break the scene up: have someone enter with a gun, have a phone ring. flowers delivered, a fire alarm goes off. Even if this doesn’t close the scene you, it may give you two more pages of draft!

I’m re-reading a lot of early (1970s) Michael Moorcock at the moment, any number of scenes end with a seemingly arbitrary appearance of a new character, strange mist cloud, monster… Why not try this technique yourself? Let me know how it works!


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