The context of Indienomics

Crowd of people Florence marketBefore I get into the depths of the Three Laws of Indienomics it’s useful to outline my assumptions about the context. I am content these assumptions hold true but I am interested in discussing alternative propositions.

If nothing else, this post will let you know if you are in the set of people to whom indienomics (as I define it) applies.

The assumptions

  1. Indie is used to mean independent of the big publishers. The assumption is eBooks / easy access to software the web in general have all broken down barriers to entry. Although indie (in my usage) is focussed on indie authors, elements of it apply to indie publishers, who may well have a relationship with indie authors [Low barrier to entry]
  2. There are a large number of indie authors [Scale applies]
  3. Indie authors are rational and motivated by success [Rational behaviour]

Without getting too precise, no laws can apply to a group unless it is possible to draw a line around that group (ie the indie authors). There also needs to be a lot of members so that bulk behaviour can be discussed (in thermodynamics there are bulk properties of pressure, volume and temperature yet each molecule of gas just has position and momentum). Finally I assume that indie authors are rational so they have broadly similar reactions to circumstance (modified by their own definitions of success).

Expect further posts on scale and success!


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