Kindle review copies – it’s a gift

GiftI recently agreed to send a review copy of one of my books (Three Drops in Time) and assumed it would be simple to do. I wrote the book, it’s all electronic, surely I could send free copies to people? Surely…

Now I now I can take a copy of the .mobi file from the KDP bookshelf, but I prefer to see my reviews come from inside the Amazon ecosystem. I get a little bump on sales and the review is more authentic. What I didn’t realise is only US users can buy a Kindle book for someone else!

A bit of scouting revealed a good compromise: make a Gift Card to the value (ish) of the book and send with a custom image (it’s that or use a give away price reduction option when you don’t want to). I found a site that lets you do just that. It’s a feature on ECHO eBooks – SOLVED: Giving a Kindle eBook as a gift in UK. Here’s the image produced for my book:

Three Drops Gift CardI think this is very professional and the use of the short-link an easily overlooked detail. Feel free to use this image to send people vouchers for my book!


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