The secret to Kindle categories

SecretLike me you may have published a few titles on Kindle, filled in various boxes and crossed your fingers before hitting the button. You spend so much time on writing and converting to eBook, putting a cover together and setting a price, everything else seems less important. This could be the single biggest mistake you make.

Kindle Categories – the BISACs

We all have a sense of how to pick a category – wander through the list and pick a couple that match such as FICTION > fantasy. It all seems a bit hit and miss, and doesn’t focus on the uniqueness of your book.

What you may not have realised is the categories you can pick are not determined by Amazon – they are all part of an industry standard, the BISAC Subject codes. These are used across the industry and are the property of the BISG – the Book Industry Study Group.

Kindle Categories – the keywords

What isn’t so obvious is Amazon run more detailed categories and these vary by market, They are triggered by the keywords you pick. Hands up everyone who just puts a few random words in? You at the back, yes you. Hand’s up.

The keywords you pick can trigger extra categories and these often have a smaller population. My set of three time travel stories, Three Drops in Time often bubbles up to the top of the relevant categories on the basis of very few sales. On one day it was both #81 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel and #90 in Books > Fiction > Science Fiction > Time Travel.

I have also had some short stories (on appear in the top of the 30 minute reads categories.

[pullquote]the keywords you pick are vital[/pullquote]

To maximise the prominence of your book, the keywords you pick are vital. Luckily this is all explained deep in the kdp help pages: Selecting Browse CategoriesWhy are you still here? Read the link and update the keywords on all your books now.

Let me know how you get on;-)


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