Reflecting on another Kindle promotion

bristol planetarium reflectionAs anyone knows who has tried it, Kindle promotions are tricky beasts. As CM Skiera recently found (A KDP Select Giveaway Promotion Suprise), you can have as much luck with no advertising as with a campaign. As I blogged recently (Exploring KDP promotions), I tried a new strategy for plugging a recent giveaway.

How did I do?

The strategy again

You might recall I found a particular shape of sales on a recent three day promotion (Anatomy of a Kindle Promotion) and concluded one-day promotions made more sense. This view was similar to other people’s I exchanged comments with on a forum. I also heard the rumour of Tuesday being the best day for giveaways. I decided to try a new strategy of putting a title up for a few days, but staggering the promotions over the three days, so it seemed fresh every single day.

The results

Promotion GraphAt first glance the graph on the left is better than the previous (fwiw I shipped just over 100 units). There is still a time zone artefact showing four days of giveaway as Amazon runs on US time and I am a UK author. Better news is the peak is now on Day 2 and Day 3 is respectable.

Sadly not all news is good news. I in fact spread several other giveaways across the weekend and while all did ok, every multi-day giveaway peaked on the first day. For The Marylebone Magician, all I can say is the staggered promotions made some difference. I suspect for most of us, the Law of Small Numbers applies and noise in the system is drowning out any differences due to our particular experiments. CM Skiera’s example shows this well, I believe.

Over to you – please do get in touch with your experience. We’re all in this together!


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