Scrivener for iPad delayed

When will Scrivener arrive on iPad?On their forum, Literature and Latte has just put out an appeal for a programmer to help get Scrivener for iOS written. This means even more delay before we get this — so no chance for summer 2015 and Christmas might be a challenge in my view. In their own words, it is still not ready for beta testing.

If you are a programmer, or want to refer one, the job details are: Wanted: iOS Developer. I worry this might be the turning point for people who start looking elsewhere for a multi-platform tool for writing. Is this the beginning of the end of Scrivener’s dominance?

Update April 2016 and Scrivener finally enters beta testing!




  1. Too late for me, I have already moved to Storyist, which is not perfect, but which allows me to work anywhere, on iPad or Mac and pick up where I left off. You have to do more work yourself (e.g. organising notes folders, setting up your own templates) but it feels less complex and distracting than Scrivener. It loaded all my existing Scrivener projects without problems too.


    • Thanks for dropping by – I think I need to look around as well, though I also use a PC for writing. I think you have something there about the complexity of Scrivener. I will muse upon this and write something


  2. I’m tired of waiting too. Having said that, I tried Storyist and dumped it. It’s user-hostile. Not intuitive.


  3. The whole Scrivener-for-iPad saga is beyond ridiculous now. I might as well run the Windows version on a Surface tablet. Maybe less touch friendly but at least it’s software that exists, works and stands some chance of being supported in the future. If there is convergence between ios and OS X in the future, LitAndLat will have completely missed their window of opportunity to profit from a separate mobile version.


  4. I got tired in early spring of waiting. Now I use Storyist, with excellent apps across the Apple platforms and haven’t really looked back.


  5. Like you I’m waiting for an iPad version as I use iPad and a PC (and Mac occasionally). Scrivener is good, it reflects the way I organise my thoughts, but the lack of multi-platform is forcing me to look elsewhere. OneNote comes close, but just not quite.


  6. I use Scrivener and Textilus. Not perfect, but workable if you hold your nose. Ridiculous that LitandLat are taking so long to get an iOS app to market. This is how SW companies die. Not happy with them…quit recommending them long ago. Still using Scrivener due to in-progress projects, but will jump at the first opportunity.


    • Thanks for the comments

      I’m a more recent user who went for Scrivener as ‘the tool people use’. I hardly use the advanced functionality and may well end up just using MS Word with their cloud, and some other bits around the side. I will look at Textilus though


  7. Yeah… I finally gave up and switched to Ulysses ( I think Scrivener’s approach is still better, but Ulysses comes close and it already works on iPad. Of course, without Windows or Linux support it may not be an option for many people.


      • It’s all just a question of what you’re looking for. If you need Scrivener’s style of project management together with a cloud setup that keeps all your machines in sync… there’s not a lot of options today, and even fewer options that are multi-platform. If you just need to share and edit single files on a bunch of devices, then Microsoft’s OneNote is already a fantastic option for that.


      • I use OneNote (though not enough) and Word. The main thing Scrivener does well for me is the assignment of meta-data to document sections. Apart from that I don’t use 90%+ of the functionality. I’ll keep looking!


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