Bloom’s (New) Rose

Rainbow Rose not the Bloom Rose!In reading around the topics of creativity (particularly synthesis) and psychology, I re-visited Bloom’s Taxonomy. I realised I hadn’t mentioned it here before; this article remedies that oversight.

Who was Bloom, what was his taxonomy?

Bloom was a psychologist involved in analysing learning. He produced something called Bloom’s Taxonomy, intended to establish the need for a balance of so-called cognitive, affective and psychomotor elements, posh words for thinking, reacting and doing. Do read around, I will only talk about the cognitive. Feel free to comment on the use of the others.

The Bloom rose or wheelHis cognitive scale has six elements,  represented in what would now be called an infographic called Bloom’s Rose (or Wheel). I like the idea of a man named Bloom having a rose, and also the romantic name for the picture. The six elements are: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. These can be thought of as a maturity scale.

As a writer trying to always learn, I should be working at all these levels. The lower levels freshen up my writing and as I hone my skills I move towards synthesis. I note the evaluation as the final step; this rings true with the earlier post on feedback I wrote (Practice makes…).

What do you do to work at all these levels? When did you last get feedback on your writing, try something new, learn something new, read a piece of writing you normally would avoid? Let me know!



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