Why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo 2015

No NaNoWriMoIn the past two years I have taken part in, and completed, NaNoWriMo. This year I’m not. I’m a big fan of anything that gets people writing, and even if many people do this for the social experience, it is still a good thing. I won’t be taking part this year, though.

NaNoWriMo so far

I have already proved to myself I can write. I can write the minimum 50,000 words first draft in 30 days as demonstrated by the previous two years. I can also write a good draft of a short story of 5,000 words in a day. I can write things that sell. What I need to do is focus on other areas of my portfolio apart from the reviewing I do. I have several projects I need to move forward and may well self-publish a couple of pieces in November. I may also get last year’s project to a state nearer completion.

What I don’t need to do is find a way to force writing into a specific month, what I need to do is find time to work writing around all the things I do every month. While I am creating a portfolio as a reviewer, it takes time away from writing. I need to assess ways to maximise my productivity in this area, and maybe reduce some commitments elsewhere.

My problem isn’t the left-hand end of the process, it’s getting everything else done around other priorities!

Will you be doing NaNoWriMo this year? Is it you first, second or tenth time? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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