Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing AidIf you happen to subscribe to the Pro Writing Aid newsletter, you will now be in possession of a fantastic offer: lifetime subscription for half-price! AS you might know, Pro Writing Aid is one of the very few tools I recommend. The current offer price of $60 is now only slightly more than the two-year price of $55 and is very hard to resist.

If you aren’t on the newsletter list, this is an object lesson in why it never hurts to subscribe to these things. There may be another way to get the offer, but if not who knows, it might come round again.

Summary of Pro Writing Aid features

The premium version allows you to use a Word plugin (Windows only) and a WordPress plugin. They even have a blog with the odd interesting piece. If you haven’t used Pro Writing Aid before, the website offers a free to use option so you have no excuse not to try it!

In my case my one year subscription has expired; I was only using the tool towards the end of my drafting cycles (my own style, and not a recommendation) so wasn’t using it very often. A lifetime subscription neatly gets round the when to renew question!



  1. Thanks for this post Tony – your readers might like to know that the offer is still on until Saturday 10th, and if they contact sales a link will be forwarded to them for the $60 offer. I’m just bought in.


    • Thanks for dropping by and the generous offer! I must remember to place an order mysefl!

      What time zone are you in? I’ve been caught before on the UK / US time thing (eg when Kindle offers start and stop)


  2. Same time zone as you Tony – although Sheffield seems to exist in a slightly skewed dimension to the rest o the UK!


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