Status update – November 2015

RadioIf you drop by regularly, you’ll have noticed I’ve not posted much recently. Ahead of some detailed news, here’s a quick status update, more a news of tomorrow’s news! Of course this blog is important but has to come second to writing and the day job. I’ve got side-tracked on a couple of things, hence the radio silence; November seemed like a good time to take stock.

November status update

I’d already decided not to do NaNiWriMo this year (and perhaps not again) as I have some more specific things on my plate. The reviewing continues, as does being the Starburst Audio Drama Editor. I’ve sold a short story I will blog about (later this month?) once it is published. More important I was commissioned to write a short story a couple of months ago and am outlining for a second. I also submitted an outline for a book – the outline was rejected as being similar to an already commissioned story, but I was asked to keep in touch for another project next year.

I’m very excited and pleased about the commissioned pieces and will be mentioning them as soon as I can. I also need to get on with the draft of my current sci-fi novel and some non-fiction projects. The joy of writing!




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