Timeslip essay published in You and Who Else

You and Who ElseMy essay on the 1970s telefantasy Timeslip has been published in You and Who ElseThis is a huge undertaking by JR Southall and covers shows from 1953 to 2015. There are 175 essays covering this period, mine is between UFO and The Goodies. Even the contents page is a fascinating look through history and there are dozens of shows I would have loved to write about.

You and Who Else – what’s it all about?

Not only are books like this a chance to build a portfolio and get some experience, but this is also raising money for charity. The charity in question is the Terrence Higgins Trust and you can donate directly on their site or buy a copy of You and Who Else instead or as well. The book is out now via Amazon, including for Kindle – see the store page for this and all the other Watching Books releases.

I’ve not had a chance (yet) to even skim through this fantastic work, but am looking forward to some interesting points of view and being reminded of many shows I enjoyed back in the day.

If you know of any other projects like this that need crowd-sourced content let me know and I might mention it here. If you’d like me to write any content for a project, get in touch!


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