Aeon Timeline 2.0 is coming

Aeon Timeline 2If you ever thought about a tool for managing the timeline of your stories, you should have a look at Aeon Timeline 2.0. Available before Christmas, if you order before December 5 you can get a 50% discount. Sadly no discount for existing users. With full Scrivener integration why not have a look at what it can offer?

Details on the Aeon Timeline website.

As for me I did dabble with this but at the time it didn’t synchronise with Scrivener on both PC and Mac. It seems this has all been fixed and there are plenty of new features.

Feature list for Aeon Timeline 2

This is from their website — some features interest me and I have underlined.

  • Cleaner relationship and age display
  • Group events by Arc, Character, or Location
  • Scrivener syncing re-imagined
  • Multiple themes to suit your mood
  • New editable Project templates
  • Event dependencies
  • Nested events
  • Track task progress and costs
  • New editable legal templates
  • Add custom data fields
  • Link events to external documents/evidence
  • Interactive export for courtroom presentations
  • Fully templated and customizable
  • Numeric timelines
  • Bookmarks for easier navigation
  • Collapsible event lanes (previously “Arcs”)
  • Improved event search and filtering
  • Show/hide more info on timeline
  • Free-form date entry with calendar display
  • Snap-to-event and make-consecutive options
  • Edit multiple events at once in Inspector
  • Interactive, embeddable web export
  • No limits on zooming and scrolling

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