Farewell to 2015

frog farewell to 2015So, it’s a farewell to 2015 and a chance to reflect and then (in a later post) to regroup and plan anew. Yes, this is an artificial point in time, but as good as any other. Unlike previous years I won’t go into swathes of detail, I will just summarise instead. I trust you will forgive me.


I set myself some detailed targets a year ago; these can be found in 2015 targets unveiled. My achievements include:

  • Marylebone Magician finished and published (and has some decent reviews)
  • I didn’t do NaNoWriMo (instead I wrote a short story I was commissioned to produce)
  • I went to some events, including the Eastercon (and did plenty of useful networking)
  • I continued to review (possibly too much, though I have made some good contacts).

Other, unplanned changes and milestones included:

  • I am currently the Audio Drama Editor for Starburst
  • I reviewed for some new blogs and stepped up on others
  • I sold a couple of short stories to The New Accelerator
  • I was commissioned for a couple of pieces I can’t discuss yet (but stay tuned, as it’s quite exciting!)

Some things didn’t happen:

  • My MBTI guide is only 30% complete
  • My first draft Jezero Station novel is only 80% complete and needs a full edit when done.

Although I will post separately, you can already spot some sensible targets for 2016. Even so I will consider what is achievable, and set some very specific stretch goals.

A final farewell to 2015

As I believe it should be, I had some successes, both planned and unplanned. I also fell short on some other ambitions, changed my targets and have plenty to consider when planning 2016. I’m more pleased than disappointed, so a good year overall. How was your year? Let me know!


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