Scrivener for iOS in 2016? Maybe…

snail slow - like scrivener for iosLooking back on last year’s postings (as well as my writing) there are two posts that drew an enormous amount of traffic. Both of these were about Scrivener for iOS, and one of these attracted a lot of comments as well. Literature and Latte gave a status update in their Christmas newsletter, nothing as yet on their website. Just what is going on with this much-loved writing product? Has it had its heyday? From comments it appears newer writers aren’t showing it any loyalty, but rather than speculate on the destiny of Scrivener (which I will in a separate post), let’s round up what we know.

Those Scrivener for iOS posts

Christmas 2014 (that seems a long time ago) I posted about wanting an iPad version of Scrivener to complement the way I work (iPad, PC and Mac). The post was: Dear Santa, this year I’d like… If you follow the link, you’ll see it gained a few comments, and was glass half-full in tone. Later in 2015 came news of delays and I captured this in my post Scrivener for iPad delayedI was less optimistic, and wondering about progress by Christmas 2015. This post produces regular comments, all about people abandoning Scrivener. For me I am now starting new project on MS Word as I am both used to it and it is multi-platform.

The Literature and Latte newsletter

I’ll précis their statements:

  • They’ve abandoned external developers due to cost and four years of frustration
  • No beta-testing in 2015 due to the level of bugs in the underlying code
  • Keith, the original creator of Scrivener has taken over the project
  • The Windows team will port more recent Mac features to the Windows version while development of the iOS version takes place
  • It will appear in 2016

Many will hope so, I am now glass half-empty and not sure I want this any more, and worry it will be a mini-me version of Scrivener (which I already feel is too complex) rather than a genuinely productive addition to writers. I don’t know if I will be buying it at present, but I will keep an eye out.

Thoughts? Do you care any more? How do you work across Mac/ PC/ tablet? Let me know!


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