Targets for 2016

telescope - targets for 2016Time to set my targets for 2016 (and here’s a post on all about Setting Effective Writing Goals). This year I am going to streamline things (based on the observation I don’t check my progress very often), and have a mix of simple to achieve, stretch targets, specific and general (eg behavioural) goals. The main reason to post them is so I can refer back during the year and amend based on reality.

I have tried this exercise for the past several years and it has helped me set out what I mean by success.

Specific targets for 2016

First the very tangible measures:

  • Produce a collected short stories ebook and publish on Amazon
  • Finish my MBTI book for writers I started in 2015
  • Get Jezero Station back on track, at least the first draft and an edit of the first quarter
  • Spend more time in the BBC Writers’ Room
  • Write an audio script of at least 30 minutes duration, ideally 60

Some slightly less tangible measures:

  • Get some more commissions
  • Sell some more short stories
  • Write some more short stories.

More general:

  • Keep networking – at least two events this year
  • Do less reviewing (it takes time)
  • Streamline my blogging (it takes time)
  • Don’t forget the rest of my life!

Do you have targets for 2016? Let me know if you want to compare notes!


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