The Prisoner reviewed on Starburst

The Prisoner Volume 1My review of The Prisoner Volume 1 from Big Finish has been used for their publicity. Always nice when that happens, and it gives me a reason to mention my reviews (I think I’ve neglected that recently). In digging around I also noticed they used a quote from my review of The Martian Chronices — two plugs for the price of one!

The Prisoner

This is the classic 1960s cult series created by Patrick McGoohan, and brought to audio by Big Finish. I interviewed writer/ director Nick Briggs for Staburst Magazine, as well as the new Number Six actor Mark Elstob. My review is here, and the quote used is:

Mark Elstob convinces from the first line, and the role of Number 9 blossoms with the performance of Sara Powell… this is a rich retelling replete with potential…

The Martian Chronicles

Early in 2015 I reviewed the audio adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles after broadcast on Radio 4. The review is here. Since then Big Finish has made the recording available for sale, and they picked up my review to use:

Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles is a work of surreal beauty and this production does a good job in condensing matters down to a coherent single drama… an admirable rendition of a classic

All very nice to see — as usual if you need any cult audio reviewed, get in touch!


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