Fade In script writing software – any users?

Fade In screen synopsisI’m having a look at affordable options for script writing (and yes I do have Scrivener). As part of a scout round I came across Fade In, a newly developed product with a much better price than Final Draft ($49.94 vs. $249 without any discounts). My interest is radio rather than screen, and maybe even BBC format.

Fade In features I like

For the official list of features, the list is here. I like:

  • It runs on Windows and Mac, I expect I would mainly use the Mac version. You can install both on one licence if you buy direct
  • It has an iPad companion product
  • It only does script writing and is created by film director Kent Tessman (you can form your own views of his credentials from his blog)
  • The formatting looks comprehensive
  • I like the navigation interface (see the screenshot at the top)
  • Revisions, reports, dialogue tuner
  • It uses an open file format (Open Screenplay Format).

I wondered if anyone here has used it, did they like it, and is it useful for radio? If there are better choices (at a similar price) what are they?

Let me know!


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