On being interviewed

question being interviewedToday I had my first experience of being interviewed, rather than being the interviewer. I’ve only interviewed a couple of dozen people in the last few years, and the person interviewing me has probably interviewed many hundred.

What did it feel like? Read on…

Being interviewed

The main take-away I have is professionalism. The timing was arranged by email, and the interviewer phoned me at the arranged time. He’d read my story, thought about it and had some specific questions he stuck to. I was allowed to talk freely and it was made clear as to when the piece would be printed. I’d known the interview was coming for a while and some of the questions were unsurprising, so I hope my responses felt natural rather than rehearsed. As the piece will only be a couple of paragraphs or so I imagine most of what I said will be lost in editing.

The whole thing took just under twenty minutes, I never felt rushed but suspect the interviewer had the timing nailed from their perspective. He was polite, listened and well-informed. I wonder how I come across!?

Will I do anything different next time I interview? I’d like to think I’m already polite and prepared. Do I have a clear set of questions? I could do better in this area. We shall see!


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