Ian Atkins feedback

Ian Atkins feedbackI found some great Ian Atkins feedback on my work when reading an interview of him for The Doctor Who Companion. In the interview Ian talks about his work at Big Finish and he approaches producing various ranges of stories. Towards the end he is asked about my work on the Doctor Who story Rulebook.

Ian Atkins feedback summarised

In case you want the highlights, here they are:

I really enjoyed working with Tony, and hope to do so again. He first wrote Helmstone for me, a Subscriber Short Trip we record in a couple of weeks (having already recorded his second story [Rulebook]). It’s a fantastic Steven Taylor story, and when he’d finished it, I couldn’t wait to ask him to pitch for the Monthly Short Trips as I knew he’d come up with something worth reading. And he did.

Ian goes on to drop some hints about my Nicola Bryant / Peri Brown story:

it’s a Peri story, and I think it’s a very, very witty and clever one. There’s a moment where Peri begins to wonder who she’s travelling with, which has proved to be one of my favourite bits across the whole range. Nicola Bryant plays it so, so well – she’s brilliant

The full interview can be found from the link.


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