Novel drafts post on ProWriting Aid

Novel DraftsIn a strange case of convergence, two things I am a fan of come together in a discussion on novel drafts. I’ve borrowed the infographic (left), but do read the post: The Drafts Your Novel Needs (and Why You Probably Won’t Use a Single Word of Your First Draft!)

Novel drafts

Drafting is a strange beast, and while the comments on the post suggest there are variations, I suspect most of us use at least a first draft, a revised draft and a (hopefully) final draft. For my eBooks I tend to draft once, print, read and correct, reread with some editing and then put through a text to speech engine.

This means four drafts.

For my Big Finish short stories I have had many drafts of an outline, then the story goes through three passes before the first trip to the editor.

As a framework I certainly agree with the sense of the original post (though I keep a lot of my first draft— maybe I shouldn’t!)

I mentioned at the start two things I am a fan of: the post I refer to is by Katja Kaine of The Novel Factory and was posted on the ProWriting Aid blog. I have reviewed both of these on this blog in the last few years.


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