iOS Scrivener July confirmed

iOS Scrivener JulyYes: iOS Scrivener July 2016 is confirmed. Yes, after too many years of waiting and speculating, Literature & Latte has announced a release date for the much-awaited iOS Scrivener. They confirm pricing will be $19.99 and it they will make it available through the App Store.

iOS Scrivener July

Rather than blog, forum or other website announcement, instead it is tucked away at the bottom of a long email. After promoting lots of summer discounts for a whole range of products, there is the following:

After a much prolonged gestation period, we’ll be bringing Scrivener to iOS before the close of July 2016. As many of you are aware, we’ve been working on this project for over 5 years […]. Scrivener on iOS pricing will be set at US$19.99, and will be available, like all iOS apps, through Apple’s iTunes App Store. We’ll be sending out another newsletter when we’ve completed beta testing, and joyously pressed the relevant publish button!

At least it’s finally coming, and will no doubt be followed by a new range of bugs and learning points, before we can tell how good it is. The customer base is very loyal so I expect a high level of early sales. Longer term? We shall see…


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