Starburst 427 articles

Starburst 427 Suicide Squad coverStarburst 427 is out, and I wrote a number of pieces for this month’s issue. There’s my regular monthly AudioStatic column, a review and a feature piece. If you want the details, carry on reading…

Starburst 427 details

My regular column rounds up the news from the world of cult or genre audio drama. This includes the post-apocalyptic drama Radiation World who I give a special mention to as they contacted me through this blog. As ever, get in touch if you want publicity or reviews for anything you think I might be interested in. Do please pay attention though and don’t suggest anything too off-topic. My column also includes news of Neil Gaiman, a mention of the band Genesis and lots of John Wyndham goodness on BBC Radio.

I reviewed the collection of stories The Legends of River Song, but the main contribution was a two-page spread (OK one was a full-page photo). I picked the Doctor Who companion Melanie Bush (played by Bonnie Langford) this month, and compared her Big Finish appearances with those on the show in the 1980s. This is appropriate as she appears in a new series of audios, starting with this months A Life of Crime, which I review on my blog Red Rocket Rising

So, another eclectic mix and I’m already planning for next time.

Do get in touch with any ideas. Until next month!


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