Rulebook reviews

peri-and-fifth-doctorI’ve collected a few Rulebook reviews for my Doctor Who short story (available from Big Finish here). The first three I’ve found are pretty positive, and not all from reviewers I happen to know.

Please do point out any others and I’ll link through.

The Rulebook Reviews

First Planet Mondas (REVIEW – RULEBOOKas quoted on the Big Finish product page:

“To a new Doctor Who writer there can be no greater accolade than to be compared to Robert Holmes, but this story really is a Holmesian pastiche with all the wry hallmarks of his frustration at the small minded who have an over inflated sense of self importance, 8/10”

Next Sci-Fi Bulletin (review: doctor who: big finish audio: short trips 6.10: rulebook):

obviously loves this period of Doctor Who, getting the relationship between Peri and the Doctor right, helped by a strong performance from Nicola Bryant Verdict: A neat idea dealt with well. 8/10

And my reviewing colleague Ian McArdell on Cultbox (Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: October 2016 reviews round-up):

With a charming take on the early days of the relationship between Peri and the Doctor, the story gives Nicola Bryant plenty to do as she not only effortlessly recreates a volatile Peri



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