Story by Robert McKee

Robert McKee StoryI’ve only just come across one of the best books on writing I’ve read so far. It’s the Robert McKee book Story: Substance, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting. I’m only part way through and already learning a lot and thinking about attending his seminar.

I read about this on something (and I can’t find it) Dan Freeman posted somewhere. He was asked for a recommendation for scriptwriting (I’m working on a script at the moment so this is interesting to me). He recommended three books:

  1. Hero With a Thousand Faces — Joseph Campbell
  2. Story: Substance, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting — Robert McKee
  3. Save the Cat!© — Blake Snyder.

Of the three, Dan suggested Blake Snyder’s as being the simplest starting point. I have that on my to read list and have tried to read Campbell’s classic (which I find too academic). This did lead me to the Robert McKee book, and so far I recommend it.


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