Quatermass and the Pit announced by Obverse Books

Hobbs Lane - Quatermass and the PitI’m really pleased to announce I will be writing a critical study of Quatermass and the Pit for Obverse Books. It’s part of a newly announced series – The Silver Archive, in contrast to the already available (and very popular) Black Archive. Where the latter focuses entirely on Doctor Who,  the Silver Archive covers a much wider field.

The Silver Archive

Obverse Books owner Stuart Douglas explains:

“There’s such a rich history of genre television, and yet discussion of individual series still tend to concentrate on a few big names while the rest are effectively ignored, usually on the basis that there simply isn’t a large enough fanbase to justify a full length analysis.

“The Silver Archive, by allowing writers to narrow their focus to one season or serial, or even a single episode, transcends that problem, and lets us open windows on a wide range of shows, some fondly remembered, some almost forgotten and in need of rehabilitation.

The range opens in 2018 with three Sapphire and Steel titles, before moving to a quarterly cycle. I’m very pleased to have the chance to write about Quatermass and the Pit, and (on the current timetable) this will be available late 2019.


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