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Writers CafeSome years ago I wrote a few articles on various tools available to writers, and provided some pros and cons for them (eg Software for writing). At the time there were many products I looked at, but skipped as (at the time) I wasn’t sure how alive they were. Enter Anthemiom Software and The Writer’s Café.

I believe updates or a lively forum are important. No product is bug free, operating systems move forward and users make buying decisions based on longevity. I know of one product refusing to offer even the most cosmetic of updates and I know of people who won’t buy it for that reason.

The Writers Café

To the point. I spotted a recent (April 2017) update to the software on their news page. You can see my problem: the previous post was dated 2009! When I looked before that was one of the major reasons I didn’t bother putting much effort into a study. Seven and a half years between news items isn’t great, and they are still on the version 2 series of releases. I also spotted the 2007 quote on the front page. Is that really enough?

This prompted a look at the What’s New?, where I found a good history of regular releases, less so in recent years but still good evidence of a living and well-used product.

The moral of this tale? Perhaps make sure the website sells itself better!


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