Software tool update January 2018

software for writingIt’s been a few months since I posted, and in that time lots of pieces of software have been updated. This post is a summary, I will (possibly) follow with some more specifics. The last few months of the year is always a good time for updates, with NaNoWriMo, Black Friday and Christmas, and the end of 2017 seemed to be a bumper time for news.

Software updates at the end of 2017

The biggest news for many people will be the release of Scrivener 3 for Mac (PC version to follow). Existing users get a discount, and the new release seems streamlined and with some useful features (follow the link). I have until now been writing exclusively in MS Word for some time, and all publishers take Word files, however I’ve also stopped using Windows, so perhaps I might reassess my use of Scrivener with this latest version. Along with the new Scrivener for iOS, it’s a good time for dedicated Scrivener users.

The other Literature and Latte product, Scapple, also had an update in November, followed by a quick bug fix. Not major, but nice to see some life in this brainstorming tool.

Aeon Timeline (which I like yet don’t use!) gave us news of their iOS version hitting bitter, back in November. There’s some information in their June blog piece: Desktop version 2.2 and iOS Update.

Submission manager / tracker The Writer’s Scribe released version 7.08 in November, and their website talks about version 7.2. I did have a version of this on Windows, but as I don’t produce too many short stories in a year I won’t be upgrading.

I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve missed, let me know if your favourites have been overlooked.


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