Sci Fi London 2018 Challenge

Sci Fi London 2018 ChallengeIf science fiction flash fiction is your area, take a look at the Sci Fi London 48 Hour Challenge 2018. It’s great fun and you can register ahead of the event (weekend of April 7, 2018).

I took part in 2016 (it seems like further back) and while I got nowhere, I did reuse the story in a self-published collection (Mimosa, and Other Stories). So far all we have is the basics on submission:


  • Standard manuscript format: in a serif font (Courier/Times New Roman/Garamond etc) + 12 point size + double spaced lines + single column layout + no illustrations
  • Include your name and full contact details on the first page AND list the cues you were given on entry: Title + Line of Dialogue
  • Manuscripts to be submitted digitally in PDF or MS Word or Apple Pages file formats only as email attachments
  • Please also include your word count – note the maximum is 2000 words.

It looks like the familiar arrangement: you get sent a couple of cues you must use, in this case title and a line of dialogue.

Why not take a look and register? You’ve nothing to lose!


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