Tactics of Defeat reviews

Smiley SunApologies, but this is one of those posts where I collect some good reviews and quote the most flattering parts. In this case it’s my Big Finish Doctor Who story Tactics of Defeat. So far it’s been mostly positive, a relief and a testament to the work of several people (producer Ian Atkins, director Helen Goldwyn, ecript editor Jaq Rayner, Robert Harvey’s sound and music and, of course, actors Daphne Ashbrook, Matthew Brenher and Wendy Padbury. [Note – updated August 6, 2018]

On to the reviews…

Mass Movement

Their review is Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume Two, and highlights include:

…there’s a solid, sweaty, claustrophobic atmosphere of potential imminent death about it that makes it stand out…

The Tactics of Defeat is a more intense listen than anything else in the set, and arguably, all the better for it


Under their banner of Assessing Stress, Audio Edition, their review is The Companion Chronicles: the Second Doctor, volume IIIt’s a substantial group review and those involved really go to town (and I blush):

This audio is a frigging classic. I’m just gonna go right out and say that. From the very first minute, it gets under your skin with haunting tone and emotional charge, and it just keeps building from there…

This story is defined by how a clever loss can be the greatest victory, and my god that makes for poignant storytelling…

…it reminds me a lot of some of the best-known Tarantino scenes…

Examining this story further is an immensely rewarding exercise, offering greater emotional depth and plot tightness. An absolute masterstroke from Tony Jones…

It’s a vital story, there’s no other way to put it. Perfect. Absolutely perfect


Disclosure: I also review for Cultbox, and this is from fellow reviewer Ian McArdell. He gave the set as a whole four stars, and had this to say on my story:

…there are ample twists and turns in the plot, but the ride is a satisfying one and well worth taking

Sci Fi Bulletin

Paul Simpson of Sci Fi Bulletin gave Tactics 7/10, he wasn’t so sure the story worked. [NB – I did a couple of reviews on this site a few years back]. His main thought was:

Matheson faces both physical and moral dilemmas – although in the case of the latter, the choice of victim alters the dynamic too far in one direction for it to be as effective as it could be

Sci Fi Pulse

Another positive review this from Sci Fi Pulse, even if I get called Toby!

In their wisdom. Big Finish saved the best story on this box set to the very last…



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