Doctor Who Magazine reviews Tactics of Defeat

Jodie Whittaker cover DWM 528With respect to all the many reviewers who have taken time to comment on my story Tactics of Defeat (and I link to a few here), the gold standard has to be Doctor Who Magazine. In issue 528 (shown left with Jodie Whittaker in full thirteenth Doctor outfit), reviewer Paul Kirkley gives a full two pages (including plenty of pictures) to the boxset of four stories Tactics of Defeat was included in. Great news is he had plenty of good things to say about all the stories, including mine!

Tactics of Defeat review in DWM 528

Not only does he include my lines for Zoe (Wendy Padbury) in a pull quote, he also says:

…writer Tony Jones weaves such impressively disparate elements as Samuel Peprys and the Crossrail excavation works… Padbury’s Zoe has never been braver or more heroic…

What impressed me most, as a reviewer myself, is how Paul clearly listened carefully to the whole set of stories, thought about them and even paid attention to the extras (including an interview with me and sound genius Robert Harvey.

If you do see the review, let me know what you think, and if you’ve heard Tactics of Defeat do share your thoughts.


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