Tony Jones – About Me

Tony JonesI’m Tony Jones, a freelance writer with a strong background in the physical sciences (I have a degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge), extensive experience of IT and gadgets and have also been a blogger (and tweeter) for several years. My other areas of interest include history, science-fiction (particularly Doctor Who) and music. If you would like to discuss any projects I could help with, please Contact Me. If you’d like to know more, here are:

I also have a lot of experience as a reviewer: for the last few years I have been an top 1,000 reviewer and am also a Vine Voice (an invitation only programme – for details see here). In total I have produced well over 750 reviews. I am also the Audio Drama Editor for Starburst Magazine, and review for Cultbox, and write the odd piece for The Doctor Who Companion.

I wrote the Big Finish Short Trips Doctor Who story Rulebook, a fifth Doctor tale read by Nicola Bryant and also the two Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trips stories Helmstone and Tuesday read by Stephen Critchlow. I’ve also written a second Doctor Companion Chronicle tale: Tactics of Defeat.

I also wrote the short story Many Happy Returns for the Paul Magrs Brenda and Effie Treasury, and am writing a book on Quatermass and the Pit for the Silver Archive from Obverse Books.

As part of my day job I have produced 100s of reports, dozens of substantial business documents and often work on contract schedule creation. I also deliver training on problem solving and presentation skills.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more, or to discuss opportunities