Nine dots – one line

Nine dots – one line

This page is designed to be read as a link from Creativity Diamond – Outside the box and will probably not make much sense if you haven’t either read that or my book Opening the Creativity Diamond. Please check them out and come back when you have. You’re welcome to stay but may feel as though you’re missing something!

Again I have two solutions though I can only figure out how to draw one of them!

About that line

Nine dots - one line
Nine dots – one line

This is a really simple solution – who said the line had zero width! When I train this I tell people to imagine getting a paintbrush and making a bold brush-stroke across the small grid of dots.

What I really like about this is how it draws out the assumption about the line. The problem is called Nine Dots and this draws people’s attention to the dots rather than the line.

There is another solution which is a variant on the first Three Line solution. If you take the piece of paper with the nine dots you could fold it to make a cylinder. This means you can draw one angled line through the top row then down to the middle then the bottom. I can’t work out how to draw this – I hope you get what I mean.

If not let me know and I’ll do it for real and take a picture!

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