This page is a collection of resources that I have found invaluable. I intend to update it from time to time and if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

Resources for freelancers

Key websites / blogs:

  • Be a Freelance Blogger – an excellent set of resources for anyone wishing to make money blogging. This site is run by Sophie Lizard (@sophielizard)
  • Blurbtrade – a site that lets indie authors swap reviews
  • FaceBook 4 Freelancers is worth liking (you can tell I don’t get FaceBook)
  • FreeIndex – more general than just writing but this UK site has lots of relevant listings including some proof readers
  • iAuthor – a platform for authors and publishers to promote themselves
  • Rates and Guidelines from the Society of Authors – a UK resource to help with freelance rates
  • 10 Tips for Crime Writers  is actually a post by an editor that is applicable to anyone submitting a manuscript to an editor (Linda Bennett, Crime Editor of Salt Publishing)

Resource for writers in general

Key websites / blogs

  • Author Earnings — a website by authors for authors
  • Authors Publish Magazine is a straightforward site with one aim — helping authors to get published. They have a free newsletter which you might want to consider subscribing to
  • does what you might imagine — it offers lots of information for self-promoters
  • Chronicles Science Fiction and Fantasy Community is packed with resources for writers and readers. Although aimed at science fiction / fantasy there is a lot there of relevance to any writer
  • CreativIndie is a great site full of articles and resources from Derek Murphy. Lots to read here and a great sense of quality
  • CreativIndie Covers is a sub-domain of CreativIndie but is really a great blog / site in its own right. Do check the free resource on making your own book covers in Word
  • The Creative Penn is an excellent site and one I need to explore in some depth. Some good freebies and a clear article on using Word to make a book cover. Run by Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn)
  • How to Think Sideways from Holly Isle has a range of information and some courses including some free ones. Might be of interest
  • The Jessica Dall blog has a set of writing tips to which she adds regularly. Jessica is on twitter (@jessicadall)
  • Kindle Book Review is as you might guess all about Kindle. It has some resources listed on the Author Resources page.
  • Online Creative Writing Courses – free is a great list from and covers US as well as UK resources
  • Paul McVeigh’s blog is a simple, in your face list of competitions and related bits and bobs. Paul is well worth following on twitter (@paul_mc_veigh)
  • The Plain English Campaign has some free resources and also offers training at various prices (some on-line)
  • September C Fawkes  — a great name and a fascinating blog for writers
  • Short Story Competition HQ is what you’d imagine — a great selection of short story competitions. And it’s free! This (along with The Write Turn) is run by Kate Krake. Twitter @shortstoryhq
  • Spacejock Software — free tools and other bits from author Simon Haynes
  • The Well Fed Writer is Peter Bowerman’s site and is accompanied by a book with the same name.  A cast array of resources and Peter Bowerman shares his experiences
  • The Write Turn is run by Kate Krake (who also does Short Story Competition HQ) and is full of tips on entering short stories and writing.There is plenty of real world experience here. The twitter feed is @the_write_turn (Feb 2015 – site appears to have gone)
  • is aimed at Irish writers and is packed with useful links, articles and advice

Specific resources

This section is for odds and ends I have found that I want to highlight. The rest of the blog / website may also be a great resource but these are particularly interesting:

  • Everything Scrivener – a blog that does what you’d expect (Now deleted – please nominate an alternative)
  • Proper Manuscript Format – the classic short story format
  • WordPress for Writers: WordPress Author Sites – a full guide to producing your own blog. Plenty to think about from Lorelle
  • Worksheets for Writers a rich set of worksheet resources from Paranormal author Jami Gold. Depending on your personal style these might be just what you need for plotting or crafting scenes

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