Here I will showcase various samples of my writing as published with links and clippings as practical.

You and WhoYou and Who Contact 2 You and Who Contact 1Celebrate Regenerate Poster

Confessions of a Doctor Who Viewer:  a 1,500 word essay I wrote for the book You and Who for Children in Need in 2012

Various: I produced ten pieces for the Doctor Who anniversary title Celebrate, Regenerate! [link not working – August 2014] published July 2013

Still looking for Devil’s End an essay for You and Who: Contact Has Been Made (Volume I) published June 2013

Getting Started with Big Finish – a tale of two Andys! and A Tale of Two Doctors  published in You and Who: Contact Has Been Made (Volume II) in June 2013

What Type of Writer are you?: a set of four pieces printed in Writer’s Forum Magazine between May and August 2013

Stop a Meltdown: a short piece for Computer Act!ve published in November 2012

Assorted lettersComputer Act!ve, Freelance Market News,  Marketing Magazine (see here), Micromart and Yours, November / December 2012

Various Items – I am a contributor to Starburst Magazine (see separate menu item). A small selection of my pieces includes:

  • Audio News item on BIG FINISH supporting Colin Baker in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity
  • Audio Review item on the BIG FINISH release Dark Eyes
  • Book Review of Rebel at the End of Time by Steve Aylett
  • An interview with Paul Magrs about his Vince Cosmos release for February 2013 in issue #385
  • Audio Review item on Minister of Chance Episode 4 – Tiger

If you would like to discuss similar projects, please do Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you



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