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Aristotle’s Poetics

I had a read of Aristotle’s Poetics; an interesting if short book and much cited for its influence on structure of drama. It’s worth a read, even with its archaic language. It does discuss some topics around writing and might prove interesting. It’s far from ...Read More

New on my shelves

It’s been a while since I posted about my current reading, so here I make up for the omission. Here are the latest books to land on my shelves in early 2016. I probably spend too long reading and thinking as opposed to writing, ...Read More

Your sitcom mission…

I haven’t mentioned my reading list recently; to put that right I thought I’d recommend the book I am reading now: Your Sitcom Mission… Should You Choose To Accept It. There is a reason why I am looking into writing a sitcom (and it is ...Read More

More books in my intray

Astute visitors will have noticed that I seem to spend more time blogging and thinking about writing than actually writing; when I’m not doing either of those I’m reading about writing. To further support this theory I thought I’d mention the latest books that ...Read More